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About Hermanus

Hermanus is situated between the ocean and mountains on the Cape South coast of South Africa. A 90-minute drive from Cape Town through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country will bring you to this idyllic destination for a holiday in southern Africa.

The aura of rejuvenation and relaxation that the town exudes is in fact the reason for its existence. Years ago a shepherd found himself at a fresh water spring on the cliffs at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean surrounded by perfect summer grazing. He sent word to other 'farmers' to bring their livestock, their wives and children to enjoy the summer months in this perfect spot. The man was Hermanus Pieters. The fresh water spring was named Hermanuspietersfontein and the village became known as Hermanus when municipal status was given to the town in 1904.

The farmers may have discovered Hermanus, but it was the fishermen who settled here. With an abundance of fish, the village attracted more and more families. By the early 1900s word of the excellent fishing, outstanding beauty and healing air had spread across the world. It even became fashionable for Harley Street doctors in London to prescribe visits to Hermanus' "champagne air" to their patients.

One of the first regular visitors to Hermanus was Sir William Hoy, general manager of the South African Railways. He was so taken by the tranquillity of the village that he saw to it that the Bot River railway line never reached Hermanus. His legacy lives on in the Hermanus Station that has no lines or trains and the hill that lies in the middle of the village, Hoy's Koppie, where he and his wife are buried.

Our five en-suite bedrooms are all individually decorated and vary in size and rates. We offer a spectacular breakfast menu, which can be enjoyed on the patio as you take in the panoramic views across the bay.

Hotels and sanitoriums were quickly built to accommodate the demand for holiday lodgings. The growing village soon needed the infrastructure required by a burgeoning and stable community - churches were built, a school, magistrates courts, a new post office, police station, and even a new harbour.

Hermanus, also known as the 'Riviera of the South', is attractive to travellers not only because of its wondrous setting, but also because it offers a myriad of activities all year round. The sun and pristine beaches in summer and land-based whale watching in the winter months; fishing, diving, hiking, cycling, fly-fishing, boating, bird-watching, paragliding, golf, bowls, riding - there is always something to do.

The restorative environment that inspired Hermanus Pieters to settle here over a hundred years ago has been enhanced by modern day living. Weary travellers can now compliment the tranquil environment and healing sea air with massages, beauty treatments, yoga, reiki and a host of other healing therapies.

Whale Watching in Hermanus

Credit: Southern Right Charters : southernrightcharters.co.za

Serene, Gracious living at the edge of the ocean

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